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One, two, three: Peter, Paul, and Mary. This week saw -SWAT-’s dual declaration on both NiNi and CCC, reawakening family accusations and altogether making for an interesting three-way triangle. Two is not the same, eh?

Why did -SWAT- declare? Are they merely jumping on the anti-NiNi bandwagon?

Will NiNi be able to cope with yet another opponent?

What is the true relationship between CCC and NiNi?

Let’s get started with this week’s blog.

World Map – Top 10 Tribes

B52s and WET switch places, CCH moves from ninth to seventh, and both P.S. and CCC lose a rank each. SOHK bids us adieu for the time being, with Plague taking the tenth position.

I personally have not heard much of Plague, and rightly so: they only just recently rose to prominence after a merge with the late CJF.

On another note, -MM- has now actually surpassed NiNi for total points; however, NiNi still retains the rank one spot by the traditional top-40 method. This is in part due to NiNi’s recent decline in members, and -MM-’s recruitment of Antonis.Gr, giving them a large presence in the K65 area. NiNi’s held onto the top spot for months now – are they about to be replaced?

Northern Continents

Let’s have a brief run-through the tribes surrounding NiNi and CCC, to refresh our memory:

WET: Warring NiNi

CCH: Warring NiNi

-MM-: Allied with NiNi

-SWAT-: Warring NiNi, CCC

Plague: Neutral

Phat: Neutral

Bush: Neutral; NAP’d with CCC

The interesting development this week is, of course, -SWAT-’s declaration on NiNi and CCC. Though they only officially declared at 18:17 on 2/16, relations between the tribes had been strained beforehand, to say the least. In fact, CCC was actually first to declare internally, as we can see in this excerpt from the CCC tribal forums below; -SWAT- seems to have just done the PnP on the externals.

Personally, this declaration did not come at too much of a surprise to me. -SWAT- duke Lavrikan3 made enough hints in an interview on February  1 to make things hard to ignore:

“[NiNi] would be very silly to go for my tribe, so we will continue to do as we please, and not fear any repercussions [from NiNi]… we fear no tribe.” –Lavrikan3

That’s a pretty clear broadcast of their intentions, if you ask me.

But what really was the justification given for declaring? The thread seems to use CCC recruitment as a pretext for getting involved in the war. Specifically what angered -SWAT- was  CCC’s recruitment of BrunoJenkins, a player strong in K25. Lavrikan3 explains their rationale:

“In our eyes, we took that as a hostile action to try and block off our advancement in to k25.” –Lavrikan3

Then, he continues,

“[CCC] requested an NAP with us, which was rejected.”               –Lavrikan3

That certainly is some temerity, to recruit a player in another tribe’s territory, and then try to appease them with a NAP. It would be, rather, if that were the truth. CCC’s duke, Was Up440 (now played by a different player than before), tells the story slightly differently:

Syntex: What where the tensions leading up to the war?

Was Up440: their ridiculous nap conditions

Was Up440: [-SWAT-] asked us not to noble in K24 where we have a good presence

Was Up440: plus other things

Syntex: You mean, they offered a NAP to your tribe but had unreasonable conditions?

Was Up440: that is true

Was Up440: we of course declined and then declared

According Was Up440, -SWAT- was the tribe to offer the NAP, not them! Who has it right? What caused this discrepancy?

-SWAT-’s declaration has once again opened up the longstanding dispute of whether or not NiNi and CCC together constitute a family. This seems to be something of the axiom of any thread involving NiNi these days. While NiNi remains adamant that communication between the tribes is little, and there is not a close relationship between them, -SWAT- duke Lavrikan3 is of the other opinion, as are others:

“I’ve seen the co-ordinate attacks on us whilst I was sitting a dead account, and they may deny it but my opinion is they definitely have relations… as I have stated on the externals, I dont see how 2 tribes could share the ks they do without having some sort of connection” –Lavrikan3

Perhaps more conclusively, Was Up440, duke of CCC, when asked whether his tribe was coordinating with NiNi, replied, “yes, we are doing that… would be silly not to :P”

Frankly, the debate is not to much importance anymore, as -SWAT- intends to fight CCC and NiNi regardless if they are family or not. However, speaking on behalf of NiNi, Minaise said that -SWAT-’s declaration on CCC as well was little more than an excuse to avoid accusations of jumping on the anti-NiNi bandwagon:

“They didn’t declare on us directly, because then it would be harder to keep the public opinion which they are trying to create: that them declaring has to do nothing with the anti-nini coalition warring us atm. Thus is why they did it thru CCC and the whole family thing again.” –Minaise

A clever move, admittedly. -SWAT- responded accordingly:

“Well that is nini thinking that… it’s simple geography; they’re in our way to expand, we must go through them.” –Lavrikan3

Fighting WET and CCH at the same time too can’t hurt though, of course. Minaise does not appear discouraged, however, saying that “[he has] always been optimistic about NiNi’s capability,” and that “it hasn’t changed during the few setbacks [they] have had.” What setbacks have those been?

NiNi – Tribe Changes

One is, certainly, NiNi’s recent mass loss of members. Minaise said that the tribe was going through a purging of albatross, announcing now that “most of the dead weight is gone; will be just a little compact, active tribe left, when the whole process is finished.”

Let’s take a look at a visual representation of some conquer stats.

NiNi Conquers – Gains and Losses

Things are still reasonably even, with NiNi making headway on WET this week (although that is hidden in the corner of the graph; sorry).

We’ve already explained why Phat, Bush, and -MM- are uninvolved in the conflict in a past edition. However, we have yet to talk to new northwest power Plague. Were they interested, NiNi would make for a feasible target. Especially now that CJF’s conflict with Phat appears to be resolving:

“At the moment [Plague is] not attacking Phat but instead [is] trying to ease the conflict between the two tribes.” –Harrydon, Plague duke

Harrydon went on to say that “[NiNi] as a whole are not so good; I would have to say that a lot of them are big headed and think they can take what they like.” He was quick to affirm, though that “that doesn’t mean that [they] are a part of the coalition.”

-SWAT- too repeatedly said that “[they] are having no other help from no other tribe.”

-SWAT- also said that they were focusing mostly on K25 to start, and I fear for CCC’s BrunoJenkins there, who is somewhat isolated from the rest of the tribe. Can NiNi really hold off WET, CCH, and now -SWAT- too? What will happen to CCC? It’s too early to really take into account -SWAT-’s post-declaration stats, but in a week’s time we’ll be able to see if NiNi is able to shift their troops from the south and stand a battle in the north as well.

That’s all for this week :) I had originally planned to address the southeast this week, but this matter seemed more relevant to today. Until next week!