When Love Takes Over… The Southwest

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Happy Valentine’s Day and GRAMMY weekend, everyone! As exciting it would be to talk about those two things, we’re under contract here to be discussing strictly TribalWars :p

Let’s get started with this week’s blog – what’s going on in the southwest? :o

World Map – Top 10 Tribes

Things are starting to settle down – the only notable change this week is P.S. surge to the seventh position. We still see some large holes in the map, though, particularly in K56 and K65, where RIM (12) and DA (11) reside, respectively. We can track the current top ten tribes’ rank progression with the following chart:

While the top five has been largely stabilized over the course of the month, the latter five continue to change positions weekly. I expect -SWAT- and P.S. to maintain their rankings, and SOHK to possibly start an accession to the top as well. But can they expand with B52s right in their backyard?

SOHK is not the only rim tribe to find itself with a border with B52s – today we examine the deeps of K72, where B52s, ~PT~, and TheLaw all quest for control.


Unfortunately, we might not know too much about these tribes, as they have remained relatively unnoticed on the outskirts. As a brief précis,

The real war going on is between ~PT~ and TheLaw. ~PT~ currently holds 37% of the continent, and TheLaw 24%. B52s occupied much of the northeastern corner and their players there are undoubtedly looking to expand south. Things began to get interesting just three days ago, on February 10. According to ~PT~, tensions had apparently been stressed, to say the least, between the two tribes for weeks prior. ~PT~ cannot of course move anywhere except south, and TheLaw is in a similar position: they can only really expand north.

~PT~ organized an op to land on the 10th, against select TheLaw members. However, a wrench was throw into the workings when multiple members from ~PT~ abruptly decided to switch sides and join TheLaw instead. TjHooker, speaking on behalf of TheLaw, assured me that that was not planned:

“It is not so much we recruited them, there was a falling out a lot of the members became unhappy with how the leaders were handling things and left and requested to join my tribe. We honestly never tried to poach any of their members.” –TjHooker

Duke of ~PT~, homcgra1, acknowledged that he was “slightly unpopular” with his tribe, saying that “making rules such as ‘no barb nobling’” had not gone over too well. Nevertheless, I’m not too sure if the defecting members quite reached their goal of sanctuary in TheLaw.

~PT~’s op went ahead as scheduled, but changed targets at the last minute to account for some adjustments.

Stats as of now are 22 to 6, in ~PT~’s favor.

~PT~ seems to have given an impressive showing so far, and even B52s seems to have lent a hand against TheLaw, nobling 6 villages from them in a brief gap just hours ago. I wouldn’t go as far to say that B52s and ~PT~ are working together, however, and TheLaw seems to already consider the war done:

“It is not so much a war anymore as we are negotiating peace in light of another threat that neither of us can ignore. ~PT~ has the experience and we have the numbers is one way to put it but do not count us out yet :)” –TjHooker

Naturally, I was curious as to what this threat could be. TjHooker declined to confirm specifics, but a TheLaw member anonymously told me that the threat in question is B52s, which really makes sense after looking at the map. Homcgra1 was also able to verify that B52s is indeed posing a hazard. On the topic of ~PT~ and TheLaw uniting, however, I was somewhat surprised.

“I think that everything is up in the air at the moment, as far as ~PT~ and TheLaw relations go.” –Homcgra1

I’m sure that the two of them would be happy to dispose of B52s in some manner, but I can’t quite see them forgoing their differences between each other. I was unable to reach B52s on their specific stance on K72, but having finished with HoHoHo, one must wonder where their eyes are set currently.

A lot hinges on the decisions of Homcgra1 himself, but not necessarily as a duke: he has an alarming 200k lead on the secondly ranked player in K72. I was able to secure an interview with one of the coplayers of the account, Googly, as they have been rapidly rising through the ranks in the past few weeks. Will they soon be making an appearance in the top ranks of the world?

Syntex: Bonsoir ;) Thank you for taking the time to talk with me

Googly: Not a problem :)

Me: I understand you play the homcgra1 account?

Googly: I am part of the team on the account

Googly: Homcgra is the main player of the account – I joined a couple of weeks in. Ahmed (the other of the 3 usual coplaying team) comes on every now and then.

Googly: You will remember us 3 as Doctor Claw from our HEAD days ;)

Me: Indeed ^^

Me: You have worked with those players then, before

Googly: Well over 2 years now :)

Me: I can imagine the camaraderie

Me: So, what prompted W52? An odd choice, was it not, seeing as it was geared towards newer players?

Googly: Well, I had actually quit TW for a few months prior. I returned to find Homcgra had an account, and we agreed to coplay for old times sake. Ahmed came back (before Egypt’s internet blackout), and so we started tri-playing, and decided to take the world semi-seriously :)

Googly: He started 3 months late, but I still don’t know why.

Me: Oh my, Ahmed is based in Egypt? There’s been quite a lot of action in that part of the world as of late

Me: I hope everything’s okay there :)

Googly: Indeed. That is why he is known as the terrorist to us. And everything is fine in the area he is in it seems.

Me: Thankfully

Me: So, how are you coping with some of the restrictions on this world? Has the fake limit been a hindrance?

Googly: Actually, I have found ways of using the fake limit to my advantage. It is all about the tactics used in the fakes now, so as to best throw people :)

Googly: The settings aren’t ideal, but all experienced players know that you never get what you want. This world is alright as far as I’m concerned. I just hope the nobling distance increases with time.

Me: Amen; that makes it hard to expand sometimes ;(

Me: How did you find yourself in ~PT~, then, if you couldn’t chose the starting direction?

Googly: Well, it is kinda funny story. We were originally in a tribe called GLAZE!, which dominated the K. We slowly rose up the rankings and became a co-duke. I went on holiday for a week, and half the tribe had left due to internal issues to form ~PT~. A merge happened a few days later, I became co-duke again, and disposed of the other co-duke when he changed everything in the tribe overview and profile to include swear words, and attacked a couple of tribes members. Since then I’ve been duke of ~PT~.

Me: Lol that sounds amusing. “Disposed of”? :P

Googly: I removed his privileges, and put up a vote for what to do about him in the forums, which he could see. Within 2 hours, 25% of the tribe voted to dismiss and attack him. We didn’t bother attacking him in the end. I just dismissed him when he sent more attacks my way for the poll. And backtimed to kill off his offense.

Me: Nicely done. You have a close-knit tribe, then?

Googly: Well, to be blunt, no. 3 days ago we lost about 50% of our numbers when we were beginning our initial launch on TheLaw. They formed a new tribe and then got recruited in to TheLaw.

However, due to a quick change of plan, we ended up making 3 quit, scared and rimmed one. We’ve gained a large part of the portion of the map we lost because of those players. Also, there is no internal issue now, with the troublemakers all gone to TheLaw. So ~PT~ has definitely become closer as a team.

Me: You have an impressive lead on the rank 2 player in K72, and you are by far the largest player in your tribe. What can you attribute that success to?

Googly: Various things in all honesty. Homcgra is a farming beast – before we nobled, we had a full 24,000 farm, and we were getting a full 400k warehouse every few hours. We had plenty of nobles and a full nuke when we began to noble. We still farm using the same method we do early on, and regularly too. I would also say a PA quitting and gifting me almost all his villages helped too ;)

Me: Haha, yes, that would give you a boost

Me: You have your awards hidden – but can you reveal to us a ballpark of how much you’ve farmed?

Googly: Well, in terms of awards, we are already top 40. I won’t say exact rank as there aren’t many of us there who aren’t revealing them. Farmingwise, we are approaching 400,000,000

Googly: and bear in mind we only started in mid November :)

Me: Most impressive (y)

Googly: Thanks :P

Me: Which tribe do you hold in the highest regard in W52 at the moment?

Googly: Oooh, that is a hard one.

Googly: I am friends with a fair number of people in NiNi, -MM-, B52s and SOHK. So I know a fair number of people. Phat is my favourite though – they are a small functioning group, and are doing very well. Small tribes I always like to think have the underdog charm.

Me: +1 I like Phat too

Googly: In terms of tribes for the least regard, although you haven’t asked, I will share anyway! 7th’s duke is rather incompetent. He asked for a Great Alliance against B52s, which I immediately sent to them for amusement. He then had a go at me for not attacking B52s, and seemed to think that I had set up that whole “Great Alliance” thing, until I found the original mail where he sent a circular to a good 5-10 tribes :P

Me: L

Me: Nothing like a good coalition

Me: So, any rudimentary plans for the future?

Googly: Originally the aim was for 100% of K72. However, that seems unlikely now. So, we just intend to have fun and see where the future takes us. It’s always interesting to leave the account fine one night, and get up in the morning to see homcgra’s mails annoying 3-4 people so much that they begin attacking us :P

Me: That must be an alarming turn of events

Googly: Na, it livens the game up. It’s all a bit of fun!

Me: Touché

Me: Anything else you want to touch upon? Last words to the players of W52?

Googly: All I will say is that the bigger players should really start attacking proper enemies. It is rather boring watching you all do nothing with such big accounts!!!

Googly: Thanks very much for interviewing me – it’s been a pleasure talking to you again mate :)

Me: Of course; the pleasure is mine

Me: Best of luck in your endeavors

Googly: Typical cheesy ending to interview^^ :P

Me: (blush)

I hope that was enlightening – we don’t usually look at one continent specifically, or at tribes that are moderately unknown. As a teaser for next week, I’m thinking of discussing the southeast ;)

Who are you picks for the GRAMMYs tomorrow? There’s a pretty sick lineup this year – Lady GaGa’s set to perform her hit new single, Born This Way, and Rihanna’s still planning to appear despite her recent bout of the flu <3

Happy Valentine’s Day!