w39 Blog; A War Begins

November 28, 2010 in World 039 News, World News

Hello everyone, and welcome to the third edition of my w39 blog. This week will feature some war stats, an interview with King Dragon, and of course the continuation of the Players’ Predictions section.

My, my.  It has been quite a while. First off, I’d like to apologize profusely for the long wait in between blogs. Though I could attempt to create a reason for the large time frame in between these posts, I won’t bother (though it is rather fitting, is it not, that the blogs reflect on the activity, or lack thereof, in a world? :D).

Anyways, I’m sure you’re ready for my blathering to end and the actual blog to begin. Fear not, avid readers, for you shall have your wish; without further ado, I present to you… the Top 10 Tribes map as it stands as of 06:00 ST on November 26, 2010:

#RAID# – The ~RAID~ Academy
Officially created on October 23rd as a sort of holding ground for ~RAID~ accounts in limbo (being internalled), the main influx of members into this tribe happened just a few days before ~RAID~’s declaration on Devils – the majority of those members from tribes Devils was nobling at the time. A simple quote from -=I am the Joker=- will clear this up:

RAID Academy was to annoy KD and QD more than anything else; having all of a sudden players from raid spread all around them.

So there you have it – an amalgamation of the remaining members of the *TA family used as bait for Devils, as well as internals.

~RAID~ vs. Devils (~RAID~ F. vs. Devils + B.F.)
This conflict is currently the only war (or at least known war) happening in w39. Quite hyped on the forums, and the subject of much debate, this war has been… less than exciting, simply by watching the stats. After a ~RAID~ declaration, there was no large co-ordinated first op; no big bang, so to speak. The stats are actually currently in favour of Devils – unusual for the tribe declared on to be leading so early into a war. It should however be mentioned that Devils are currently beating #RAID# (former *TA F. players), while the main tribe, ~RAID~, is ahead in conquers.

Here are the conquers showing only ~RAID~ F. vs. Devils:
Side 1: ~RAID~, #RAID#
Side 2: Devils

Timeframe: 16/11/2010 23:31:00 to 28/11/2010 16:33:54

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 70
Side 2: 92
Difference: 22

Here are the conquers including ~RAID~ F. vs. Devils and B.F.:
Side 1: ~RAID~, #RAID#
Side 2: Devils, B.F.

Timeframe: 16/11/2010 23:31:00 to 28/11/2010 16:33:54

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 75
Side 2: 98
Difference: 23

Clearly the stats are nothing special. Such a small difference is virtually nothing when the tribes involved have 15000+ villages.

Here to speak with us about how the war came to be is King Dragon:

Extra SelectShow

Every week I hope to have predictions from three players on the server as to what they think will happen during the next week.

This week, I asked:

Jagerblue (½ of cer-berus): (nominated Nilla646)
#RAID# is going to die, and someone’s gonna get gang-banged.

Colpo (plays homcgra): (nominated Rohan White)
Mmm, I think at this point, the world’s a little past predictions. If one’s neccessary, I’ll predict Jager won’t be in DEVILS by the end of January. :)

Ahmen: (nominated CRAZY14U)
Ahmen believes NOB!! will rebuff an early attempt of a sneak attack, and that the cohesion of the tribe will in the end determine the outcome friend. Ahmen’s prediction is simple: NOB!! will win W39.

Thanks for reading!