W49: Weekly Review

October 21, 2010 in World 049 News, World News

Welcome to another edition of the W49 Blog. This week is packed with hot and spicy news involving all the major tribes of the world. Wars are getting heated up as tribes are looking for that weak spot in the enemy line up. This week’s blog contains a total synopsis of the wars, plus a new section called the “W49 Featured Player of the week”, so scroll down for an epic ride.


Tribes’ Standings:

There’s not much change in the tribal standings – Deceit still occupies the first spot with a  5 milion lead over runners up Duck! who has been fighting the fourth placed Haze for about a month now. BMF still holds onto the third spot while X X chips in with 16 million points to round up the top 5. Other notable tribes slowly emerging out of the big guns’ shadows are ~WE~ in the south, BFI in the south. Interesting to note that Tag! has slipped to 7th in the rankings following their war with Deceit and a couple of players leaving.

Players’ Standings:

Cer-berus and Dlhu have both broken the historical 3 million mark barrier. A hearty congratulations to them for such a feat. Rtriana is looking strong in the third place while Rasmala, Heepsofdeeps, Miss Hannah Montana and Akorelis are all fighting for the coveted fourth spot. Alyokat09 and –Rawr- are the other contenders in the top 10 and looking solid.

Miscellaneous News:

The removal of army camps:

Innogames has announced that they are going to disable the army camps feature starting from the 25th of November. The affected worlds will be W47 and W49 where this new development was implemented, however, it wasn’t too popular with the players and wasn’t used as much as Inno hoped it would be. Certain drawbacks of the army camp were it had no wall, so the troops in the camp could be easily killed, the camp lasted only 5 days after which it was dissolved, this characteristic made the tribes build up more than one camp to compensate for the dissolving of the others. However, the removal hasn’t been taken too happily by the W49 audience. In a world with morale and no outside support allowed, army camps served a purpose for sending defense troops to recently nobled villages, with them being gone, the recapping of villages would become ten fold easier, feels the W49 mass. A lot of the players of W47 and W49 have requested for a poll which will determine the fate of the army camp – this remains a mystery now whether the TW team would conduct a poll or not.

NioN’s win over Gold:

Away from all the centre stage action, NioN have been waging a winning battle against Gold. The reason for the war as quoted by a reader in the previous version:
Gold! merged with Black! a month or two ago, after they blindsided BLACK and left them wityh no other option. At the time, BLACK and NiON had called a truce because of Dice!’s declaration on the South. The southern tribes had agreed to work together, but Gold! attacked BLACK, basically betraying the alliance. Now that Duck!’s attacks on the south seem to have stopped in favor of Haze!, NiON have the time to re-ignite their effort to press into K77, get revenge on Gold!, and finish what they started with the remaining members of Black! in that tribe.
Ultimately, it has led to the disbanding of Gold and NioN have emerged victorious. Assisted by TW and also Duck! in some parts of the way, Gold’s swift disposal has led to an open front in the south eastern part of the world where NioN now occupies 4 Ks. The stats show a huge bleeding of villages from Gold that led to their eventual demise.
Timeframe: 29/09/2010 00:00:00 to 09/10/2010 11:49:10
NioN + TW + Duck! : 118
Gold: 11

H.O.E. disbands:

For those of you who don’t know, H.O.E. was a tribe in the northern and north western part of W49, mainly in K23 and K13. Deceit was warring them and the huge difference in points and armies proved to be a bit too much for H.O.E. The loss of villages could never be effectively controlled as a result the disband button became necessary to be hit by the Duke, who along with a few of the top members, moved to *VLN*, a tribe inter-twined with Deceit in many places. The stats look dismal for H.O.E. and they were losing at 150 – 5 when they disbanded.

The World War:

Many people feel that W49 is now going through the phase of a world war with nearly all the major tribes participating in hard fought battles – giving rise to a new exciting area in the otherwise doom and gloom world.

Haze v/s Duck! :

This war has all but come to a stalemate with both sides not doing much at this time apart from taking care of other issues.  Haze did a well job on taking out the LazyDays account (which was surrendered to them by the Duke of Duck! after incurring irreversible losses). But Duck! did deal a heavy blow to the southern group of Haze, eliminating them. So the stats are quite balanced if you count both sides’ conquers, thus making this a pretty interesting war. Rumours are that both tribes are relocating close to each other in order to start a second round of gunfiring. This is supported by the fact that Duck! is nobling in K55 – from where they can easily get a good view on the Haze villages up north. Let’s hope this war starts kicking into action pretty soon as the world will be eagerly waiting for it.

Punch! v/s BMF:

Punch! had declared on BMF a couple of weeks ago surfacing intense anger to their much bigger rival, so it comes as no surprise that BMF had to OP them in order to get them back to their places.   A couple of swift OPs from the rank 3 tribe saw Punch! losing an ocean of villages within a mere gap of 24 hours. BMF went in for the kill, thus leading to Punch!’s ceasing of existence.
Stats gathered from 12.10.2010 as posted in the forum from last 24 hours:
BMF: 63
Punch! : 1

Deceit v/s Tag! :

(Many thanks to BM/Tom for the map)

This will be undoubtedly the rank 1 tribe’s biggest test so far. Having disposed of 23rd and ~AR~ and H.O.E. easily, Deceit is now looking for south western expansion and hence the declaration on Tag! This would come as a surprise to some and many people expected Deceit to declare on BMF. Nevertheless, Tag! are worthy opponents and this war would spice up the west – this was hoped. Contrary to this, it has been a lacklustre show from Tag! where we see Deceit running away with the war caps.  Miss Hannah Montana, Rushingfool and BluntTool are putting up a tough resistance, but the K42 guys have nil. Recently, Rushingfool jumped to Duck! to get stacked and Barsteward switched sides to Deceit, so it isn’t really looking good for Tag! at the moment, but they do have the power and skills to bounce back and deal a blow. This war is going to develop more in the next week and the final result will be evitable.
Timeframe: 13.10.2010 22:47:00 to 21.10.2010 08:00:00
Deceit: 91
Tag! (including Rushingfool) : 23

BMF v/s Duck! :

BMF declared on Duck! on 20.10.2010 citing a variety of reasons among which were things like neglecting border agreements and nobling villages, outright disrespect and instigating BMF to hit their ally Haze. This declaration has really sent W49 into a turmoil as it means 6 out of the top 7 tribes are now at war – thus signalling a new phase in W49 history. A good war where the bets are even, both sides will play a key role in shaping up the world’s future. With 3 fronts, this should be a pretty interesting war and caps could be hard to come by. Duck! have a 15 million lead over BMF, let’s see if they can utilise that advantage to their benefit.

Featured player of the week:

This is a new section introduced from this week where each week, a player from W49 will be featured and will be interviewed by me on a vareity of topics concerning TW. This week’s featured player is Devil Firefish a.k.a DFF. (Nathan Potter).

Q. So before we start our conversation about W49, I would like you to tell us a bit about yourself and what you do in RL.

Well my name is Nathan, and I work as a chef :P I work weird hours, split shifts arent too pleasant, but they mean I can be an active S.O.B. on TW :P apart from TW, my other hobbies include going to the gym, playing cricket for my local saturday team and recently I have been looking at getting back into playing rugby again :P

Q. How long have you been TW and which worlds did you play?

I started on W7, must be over 3 years ago now. I was a nub back then, didnt know much until w19. W19 basicly made me the player I am today. I dabbled a bit on w21 and w50, but quit those. Now I semi play w4 and w26 (I am inactive as hell there :P). I play w19 with a coplayer and w49 by myself

Q. Which has been your most exciting world as of date and why would you rate that world higher than others?

Most exciting world has to be W19, as the setting made it a very difficult world to play – low tribe member limit, no outside tribe support etc. There’s always something going on, and it is rarely quiet for me there

Q. Coming into this world, did you ever foresee you leading one of the biggest tribe in here? What were your expectations from this world?

To be honest, I joined this world as a bit of fun on the side :P but as usual, I got roped into leading my early tribes when they realised I had a fair bit of experience. Then when we joined BMF, I tried to keep a low profile as I didnt really want to lead here at first, but in the end I realised it was the best thing for me and the tribe to become part of the council and ultimately part of a very strong leadership.

Q. Could you give us a brief summary of BMF, its wars and progress at the moment?

BMF is a very quiet tribe, that is the way it was formed and that is the way it will always be. The less we say, the less people know about us, and the less people know about us the more they fear us. Everybody is afraid of a large tribe they know very little about. We have the power behind us if we need – we showed that when Punch! declared on us in the PnP, we took 63 villages off them in 24 hours and took out the majority of their leadership. Our only war has been 1/0, which not even all of BMF took part in. All other battles have been us expanding into other tribes territory, and cannot really be classed as wars.

We have a major one coming up though, as I believe my guys have just launched ;)

Q. Our readers would like your opinion about the current wars plaguing W49.

To be honest, I dont know a huge amount about them. I know Haze and Duck are slugging it out, I think Haze will win that one in all honesty. Deceit vs Tag! – I know deceit are hitting Tag very hard, so expect them to win that with some ease. Other than that, there is no war I wish to comment on, at least until I have made my PnP for BMF’s new war ;)

Q. How do you think the world will stand 2 months from now?

In 2 months, I think Tag will be all but gone, Haze will still be around and making inroads into Duck territory, BMF will be making gains in the direction we have chosen to expand, deceit will still be #1, and Duck, well who knows about them, their tribe and leadership are both extremely unstable.

Q. Last question. Do you have any suggestions for the improvement of TW? What would you like to see as a part of making the game better and more enjoyable for the players?

DON’T REMOVE ARMY CAMPS FROM W49!!!!! I cannot believe they are doing that! I would also like to see a couple more new worlds with settings the same as w19, those settings really make or break you as a player.

So here’s me, Som signing off for this week, stay tuned for more news from W49 and get your nukes and nobles ready. ;)