10 Minutes with Josaph

July 14, 2009 in World 026 News

Josaph, Possibly the #1 PnP poster on the Face of World 26, Starting out in World 26 [H] recruited him. While [H] was growing So was Josaph.

Alot of players may remember Josaph from the world 26 Forums, the Gentleman who can make a member cry, And most likely already has.

The way he is able to post everyday with strength and confidence is with the simple Quote “Its only a game. Don’t take anything anyone says personally, and you can never look stupid by responding out of anger”

Sadly It hasnt been a happy story for Josaph, Alot of his friends had left the world, and so did [H]’s leaders, leaving him to run [H] for him self, With Several Wars happening e.g: [H] vs Clear! & [H] vs The Shadow Family

As We all must agree, World 26 is the Greatest World on Tribalwars, We have Several Wars at once! We have Great Players, Michael Klashnikov, SeanQuincy, My Self, Josaph, Booza, My Self & Most importantly.. My Self :P According to Josaph we have less families, Three That I Know of.. The Shadow Family.. [H]/[H][D]/[H]2 & ~ Fate’s Family. Great tribes rarely hit 100.

But one thing made me think, He like all of us, hate our friends leaving. He has lost many over the year. Josaph said something honest, which actually hit home for me, I lost a good Friend, So Remember this World 26: “Many people I admired both in-game and on the PnP forums have left, and its like watching a friend leave for military deployment. You don’t want them to go, but they have to. I wish people stayed on W26 longer.”

Josaph, outside of Tribalwars, he loves Zombies. I believe he could be the person standing on the street corner yelling “The Zombies are Comming”, We just walk past and laugh, But when it happens, Who’s Going to be laughing then? Not us! We will Be zombies..

So just remember, Dont Mug Him, Dont Try and Rob him, he may be sleeping on a sawn off Shot Gun… Who Knows?